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  • Full Dog Walking Services
  • Overnight Stays at your home
  • Pick Ups & Drop Offs
  • Puppy Pit-Stops
  • Kitty Pit Stops Too!

Service Guaranteed

  • Available 7 Days Per Week
  • Holiday Bookings Available
  • Current Customer References Available
  • Licenses & Liability forms available

Walks with Sticks-n-Bones
In every dog walk, some of the services available are:

  • A cardio workout
  • A bathroom break
  • Improved leash etiquette
  • Reinforcement of basic training
  • Socialization
  • Constant petting and support
  • During a session your dog will be given fresh water

Pet sitting in your home!
Going away for the weekend? We invite you to try our in home pet sitting service.

  • The pet remains in their secure environment, where all the sights, smells, and sounds are familiar.
  • The pet follows their customary diet, exercise routine and medical treatments, all the while receiving individual care.
  • We are also a bonded service so your house is protected.

Benefits of having a dog walker- for your dog!

  • Regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health.
  • Running and playing can tire a dog so he is less likely to misbehave.
  • Important socialization for raising well adjusted dogs
  • Daily Mid Day visits for puppies help maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
  • Walking provides routine practice for using basic commands such as "heel", "sit", "stay" & "come"

Benefits of having a dog walker- for you!

  • A helping hand when you have a busy schedule
  • No guilt at having a busy schedule
  • Adequate exercise can improve a dogs behavior in the home
  • Your dog may actually want to relax with you when you come home
  • Relieves your concerns about leaving your dog crated

Benefits of having a Pet Sitter!

  • Dogs keep a routine while you are away
  • Dogs feel safe and secure in their own environment
  • No Worries about Kennel Cough or other contagious illnesses
  • Personal Attention for your dog
  • Smaller animals in your household get care
  • Your house is looked after on a daily basis
Phone: 407.970.8878

"When I go on Vacation I know I can count on Sticks N Bones to make sure my Savana is getting proper care. It makes it much easier to enjoy my vacation. "
- Tammy Ross


Pet Sitters International Member